How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. It's free. The orchestra is funded by grants, community organizations, and the generosity of individual sponsors. All who work on behalf of the orchestra are volunteers.

Is There an Audition to Join?

No. However, students should have some level of proficiency on their instruments. We do modify difficult orchestral parts to accommodate less experienced players.

Do You Use the Suzuki Method?

No, we do not because 99.99 percent of music composed for an orchestra is written in traditional tablature. However, many of our members started (and some continue) with the Suzuki method and find it most beneficial towards learning their instrument.

Why Do We Need a County Youth Orchestra?

Now that schools no longer offer music classes, HYO is the only place where children can get exposure to classical music as they gain proficiency in an instrument, hone their performance skills, and give back to the community through live performances. We offer a broad range of music, types of audiences, and the experience of playing with other student musicians they otherwise would not have the chance to meet. We combine fun with learning. As students perform more concerts, they become more comfortable with being in front of an audience, gaining self-confidence, team building, and organizational skills in the process. In fact, true learning comes from performance rather than rehearsal. It is when students need to put their learning to the test, at the appointed time, that the lessons fall into place. This experience spills over into all other types of activities, and generally has a very positive result academically as well.

Will Rehearsals Interfere With School Work?

We rehearse only once a week for 90 minutes. Students not only learn music but also self-discipline and initiative building which has a fundamental impact on their ability to do their schoolwork and prepare for life beyond school. Students often participate in after-school activities. Parents must decide which activities are appropriate for their children

My child needs lessons. Can HYO help?

HYO offers low-cost lessons in music theory, sight reading, and instrument mastery. If your child is new to music, we require enrolling in our lessons before joining the Orchestra. The number of lessons and/or the time a child must take lessons before joining the Orchestra is based on the child. A child who is interested, motivated, and practices daily can move up to the Orchestra quickly.

We cannot afford to buy an instrument. Can HYO help?

Perhaps. HYO has a number of instruments that we loan to our student musicians. The instruments are available to the student musician as long as he/she is participating with the Orchestra. When the child leaves the Orchestra (or graduates out), HYO needs the instrument back to loan it to the next student. The number of instruments are limited by what we have available to loan.